Best of both Worlds Portable PCs: Qualcomm and Microsoft decided to team up.

Signalling the second attempt at an ARM and Microsoft team-up, HP and ASUS has showed off the very first Snapdragon-powered Windows 10 notebooks at chi-maker Qualcomm’s annual Tech Summit in December. Back in 2012, Microsoft Company first tested the ARM waters with the Surface RT tablet where the selection was lackluster, although that 2012 venture ultimately proved unsuccessful owed to the inability to run anything outside of the Windows Store apps and the locked-down Windows RT OS. The 2-in-1 HP and ASUS has demonstrated the promising over 20 hours of battery life and these new ARM devices could finally deliver on the concept of having the ability to instantly wake on an always-on state. And of course, the most significant of all, being able to operate on a fill Windows 10 version that can still run all the Windows apps.

The decision for the move away from Intel’s x86 processor technology could potentially open up the market for an extensive array of ARM-based devices, while Microsoft has partnered with Qualcomm for these devices for Windows, manufacturers like Nvidia, Samsung, and even Apple are currently producing their own ARM-based chips. There had been rumors floating around, speaking of the iPhone-maker, that the company has been considering their own ARM powered Macbook for some time although it seems like Microsoft may have beaten them to the punch.

Choosing the wireless computer mouse that works best for you

By William Glover

In the computing world it is easy to not stop and think about the accessories that we are using in our day to day routines when utilizing our computers. Are we really being the most productive that we can be with the equipment we currently own? Or is there an opportunity to increase productivity and be a little more comfortable at the same time.

Most users right now are probably using some sort of wireless mouse for their daily activities, but there are still some that are using a wired mouse or worse yet a wired and ball mouse. If you are just doing typical office work like using a word processor and browsing the internet this classic setup can satisfy your needs, but wireless optical mouses are pretty cheap nowadays and the batteries last a long time before needing replacement, it might be a good idea to update that vintage mouse and acquire one that increases your productivity while satisfying your specific needs.

There are a number of reliable computer accessories suppliers on the internet: Amazon, NewEggCellular BarnMWave, and even on eBay.

We have gathered the following list with some of the best mouse types in the computing industry, check out each of the specifications to make sure these fit your needs:

Wireless Optical Mouse

If you still have an old wired ball mouse it might be a good a time to invest on a wireless optical mouse, there are wired versions of the optical mouse but spending a couple of more dollars will get you the wireless version, which in the long run will be a little more expensive because it uses batteries, but the comfort of the wireless version is worth it.

Check out the amazonbasics wireless mouse and the amazonbasics wired mouse in case you don’t want to spend on batteries.

Trackball Mouse

Some people would prefer to move only their fingers instead of having to move the whole arm to move the pointer on the screen. Trackball users enjoy greater comfort and less tiring of the arm due to the stationary design, if ergonomics is one of your priorities check out the Logitech M570 it is one of the most known and highest rated trackballs on the market today.



Gaming Mouse

If you’re looking for a comfortable mouse that has a high resolution look for a gaming mouse. The benefits of a gaming mouse is that they are ergonomically designed for long periods of use, while at the same time having more weight added to them so movements are more precise when gaming, add to this the higher DPI for increased resolution and you got yourself a winner mouse. In case you’re not a gamer you can try a gaming mouse and you will possibly like the feel of the added weight, some mouses just feel cheap and too light but a gaming mouse feels like a solid piece of gear.

A solid choice in the gaming category would be TeckNet Raptor Gaming Mouse really accessible at a good price.

There you have it, several choices for increased productivity, if you have a chance visit your local electronics store and feel the different mouses available for purchase, your preference might be different than these choices but these mouses are a good starting point to experiment.

Comparing Three Dash Cam Apps for Android Devices

Dash cameras offers added security for motorists especially during road mishaps that require proof for insurance covering. Having such a gadget will give you all the proof needed for such especially when you traverse the busiest streets in Australia.  Having a dedicated dash cam unit may prove impractical as you can now convert your smartphone into one.  Aside from your phone, you will need a car phone holder as well as a trusty android app to help you out.  Below are the 3 most common dash cam apps available today.


This android application is easy and intuitive to use.  I gives you a free 2 GB storage in cloud which is worth 3 hours of uninterrupted video.  It automatically uploads your recordings in cloud when an available WiFi or internet connection is nearby.  One thing to just be wary about this app is that it records sounds even when you turn it off, something that needs to be worked upon by the tech guys of the developers. Another thing is the occasional advertisements that pop out, it is rather non-distracting though so no need to worry about it, just a cost of free service. Despite that, this android app is perfect for beginners as all the elements of a dash cam are included in its recording such as the time, date, and the speed of the car.


AutoGuard is another smartphone app that allows you to turn your phone into a dash cam.  Coupled with a good car phone holder, you have an easy to use recorder with video, sound, location and vehicle speed on the screen.  The said app uploads the recordings directly to YouTube in the Pro-version.  It starts recording when a blue tooth or Wi-Fi connection becomes available.  Another unique feature of this application is its one button emergency call that allows you to call a pre-programed contact in case of emergencies on the road.  The said application is good for the use of the general public especially the Pro-version as it has no more pop up ads when it runs.


This is a good app for converting your smartphone into a dash camera.  It has an emergency call and SMS button feature that allows you to call or send and SOS to a contact.  Compared to the 2 previous apps discussed above, it is easier to use as it can be programed to start recording upon car movement and stop the recording when the car is stationary. That is added efficiency and more saved space for more recordings.  In addition, you can also set an over speeding warning in the app that warns you that you are way above your usual speed, which is an added security if you ask me.  The features of this app is a little better than that of the two we discussed and every bit of advantage is vital to add more value to your gadget.

Choosing a suitable android app for your phone and a great car phone holder are all that it takes to convert your phone into a dash cam.  Just bear in mind that these apps consume power when it runs, just like any recorders, so it is a good idea to hook you phones into a charger while running them.  If this article was helpful, please the hit like and share buttons below

Reliving the Classics with Nintendo Classic Mini

The all new Nintendo Classic Mini is a modern rendition of the popular Nintendo Entertainment System of the 1980’s.  The said system was recently announced to the public by the company that brought us the all-time favorites such as the Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda as well as Pac Man, Duck Hunt and Gradius.  It is set to be released on November 11, 2016 and will contain a total of 30 titles including those mentioned above.  The said system will let you relieve the classics of your childhood and furthermore share it to the young ones in your family.

The Box

It will come with a palm-sized console similar in look to the old Nintendo Entertainment System but is a lot smaller and light weight.  It is made up of aluminum alloy which makes it lighter and smaller.  It also comes with an HDMI port so that you can use it on your television and enjoy the games in widescreen like never before.  Additionally, a single NES Classic Gamepad is also included in the set as well as an AC adapter to power the unit.  Seeing the portability and the game contents included, this will be of so much more value for every penny spent for the purchase.

The Price

Speaking of the price, the Nintendo Classic Mini will be on the Australian market for a hefty price of Au$100.  It will also be sold in other countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom to name a few.  Pricing for the US will be set at USD60 while that of the UK will be £50 respectively.  Taking into account all the titles included in the set, you get more for the buck spent on this systems compared to others in the market today.

The Down Side

Nintendo never hinted that additional titles can be added or downloaded later on.  It is indicative that the 30 games in the box will all be set and cannot be modified.  Remember the 30 in 1 cartridges or the 60 in 1 cartridges? It will be similar to that only that there will be no cartridges involved.  Additionally, you need to purchase an additional controller if you want to enjoy it with your friends or family.  The separate controller are sold at Au$20 for Australia, Usd 10 for the United States and £8 for the United Kingdom.  Another matter that needs to be considered is that the console is oversubscribed at EBGames Australia for its pre-order scheme just as we write this.

The Games

So what are the titles that are included in the Nintendo Classic Mini set?  Obviously the all-time favorite Super Mario Brothers are in the list together with The Legend of Zelda, Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Dr. Mario, Galaga and Gradius.  Mega Man 2 is also included as well as Excite Bike and Ice Climbers.  Below is the complete list of the selection other than the ones mentioned just now:

Balloon Fight                                                                Final Fantasy

Bubble Bobble                                                              Ghosts ‘n Goblins

Castlevania                                                                  Kid Icarus

Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest                                        Kirby’s Adventure

Donkey Kong Jr.                                                           Metroid

Double Dragon: The Revenge                                        Ninja Gaiden

Punch-Out!!! Featuring Mr. Dream                                 Star Tropics

Super C                                                                       Super Mario Brothers 2

Super Mario Brothers 3                                                 Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Tecmo Bowl                                                                 Mario Brothers

Most of the games listed above defined the childhood of those who grew up the 80’s towards the 90’s.  The said game system is set to appeal not only to kids but also adults who grew up with the titles.  It offers fun and a chance to reminisce on their childhood and share it together with their own children in the process.  Visit the link  and hit the like button if this article was able to help you.  Also try to share the article by clicking the share button.

The 1000 Core Processor


In recent years, the advances in technology has been so fast that those that have been in vogue soon becomes obsolete in the span of just 6 months.  The world of computing has also seen such unprecedented growth in the last decade that processor speeds only seen in high end personal computers and laptops are already available in smartphones and are even better.  Recently, a new breakthrough was achieved in the field by way of UC Davis’ team that developed a 1000-core Processor also known as the Kilo Core Processor.  The said device was so revolutionary compared to its peers that can only come up to 300-core processors.  It is so top of the line that it promises so much potential in the near apparent future.

What makes the Kilo Core Exciting?


The said Kilo-Core Processor packs a whopping 1.78 gigahertz per second computing speed which is way over the capacity of normal laptops sold in the market nowadays.  It is made up of 621 million transistors that can process instructions separately from each other, thus making it easier or faster to process large chunks of information with the least amount of time. As the team leader, Professor Bevan Baas, of the project quipped, “it was perhaps the fastest processor design that was designed�?.  Unlike most processors in the market nowadays that are made using a 14nm processor, this 1000-core processor was made using the older IBM CMOS technology 32nm which was rather unlikely.


The 1000-Core processor breaks down data into chunks and it gets processed in the multiple processors which are then compiled back when done.  These cores are able to communicate with another while processing the data which are then assembled as stated earlier.  These individual cores even have the capacity to shut down individually when not in use thus allowing it to be not just operationally efficient but also energy-wise as it can run on a mere AA battery as a power source.  That is so wicked won’t you agree? Tremendous computing speed and low energy requirement, which is so awesome if you ask me.  In addition to the chip’s computing power, the developing team has also created a compiling and auto-mapping programs to complement it.


The development of this innovative 1000 Core Processor has direct application in data coding and decoding.  This device can have a huge impact in work that involves huge amount of data to be processed such as that in the stock market or any other scientific endeavors.  It also has applications in video processing additionally.  Sadly, the current state of the system is not yet tenable for a more widespread commercial use as the day to day demands of regular computing does not require the huge power that this system has.


The huge potential of this project is set to revolutionize the computing world if not immediately perhaps decades from now.  However, the immediate usage of the system will only be limited for now until further advances in technology and commercial consumption are achieved especially those industries that need or process tremendous amounts of data.  Despite that, the future still looks brighter and promising.  Please click the like button as well as the share button below if this article made an impact to you in any way.  Further information can be seen in this link about the said Kilo Core Processor

Two Ways of Blocking the Windows 10 Upgrade

We’ve received some complaints about a problem with the Windows 10 update from many people not only from Australia but also from other countries as well. With that in mind, we found two ways of blocking the Windows 10 upgrade for those who would rather stick to their current settings. Blocking the update can either be done manually or by downloading a program to help with the process.
Uninstalling Manually
The Windows 10 upgrade can be taken off your computer manually by just a few simple steps. First you go and search from your Start Menu panel the “Programs and Features�?. After that, you select the “view installed updates�? which will give you a list of uploaded files. Locate the individual files in relation to the Windows 10 update for Windows 7 which includes, 3035583, 2952664, and 3021917 or for Windows 8 that has 3035583 and 2976978 files. You need to select and take them out one by one from your computer, do not restart yet after this step as you still have to block the update so that your Windows Upgrade does not automatically download these files again.

The second phase of this method involves blocking of the aforementioned updates, to do this, you need to open your Windows Update and then scroll through the update files and find the files 3035583, 2952664 and 3021917 for Windows 7 and files 3035583 and 2976978 for Windows 8 respectively.  Once you had that sorted out, block them by choosing the “important update is available�? then choose hide for each.  This effectively blocks these files from being downloaded during future updates of your Windows 7 or 8.

GWX Control Panel Blocking

This method of blocking the Windows 10 upgrade requires you to download and install the GWX Control Panel.  After that, you have to install the program and run it.  In the start-up window, select the option that disables Windows 10, its clear cut so you will not make a mistake doing this.  Then open your Windows Update and then check for the files related to Windows 10 such as 3035583, 2952664 and 3021917 for Windows 7 and 3035583 and 2976978 for Windows 8.  Check if you can find these files and block them out if your find them, just in case you happen to have installed them unknowingly.  With that, you have blocked the Windows 10 update prompt from your computer.

Just in case you are wondering about the safety of the program, the GWX Control Panel is a one-time EXE file and involves no other third party application or program.  It is completely free which is great and allows you to block the Windows 10 update and at the same time allows you to run the updates vital for Windows 7 or 8.  It also does not collect any data with regards to the user so you are completely safe from any untoward activity that may compromise your computer and you.


Blocking the Windows 10 update can be done thru manual blocking and by downloading the GWX Control Panel.  You are good to go with your current settings without any trouble from the Windows 10 update until you finally decide that you are ready to go a notch and finally upgrade.  Take note that in upgrading, you just have to undo what you did when you blocked it and you will be able to start crackling again. If this article was able to assist you, don’t forget to like and share our page. Please also leave a comment below and tell us how we did. Thank you.

Tablet Selection Tips for 2016

We live in a world which is exclusively dominated by science and technological gadgets. Smartphones, the internet, and associated tools are now an integral part of our lives, and it is not possible to spend even a day without these devices. One such device is the tablet which can be considered as the upgraded version of a laptop which offers high mobility. The tablet market took a new leap when Apple introduced iPad in early 2010. Later many other companies too entered this business segment, and now a buyer has multifarious options to select the best one which will meet their tastes and needs. While selecting tablets, you should be very careful, and should consider various factors before choosing the one for you. This article will provide you some most effective Tablet Selection Tips.

Understand your needs: This is the first and foremost tip you should keep bare in your mind before selecting a tablet. Before starting your search for tablets, you should first figure out the things you should do on it. Some people will be buying tablets for mere browsing while some others may be looking forward to watching movies and playing games. Understanding your needs will help you to narrow down the searches, and in the end, you will find the right one with an ideal operating system and optimal screen size.

Compare the operating system: Operating system plays a crucial role in determining the working efficiency of every tablet. In the modern world, three operating systems; Windows, Android and iOS are dominating the market. The Blackberry Play Book runs in QNX platform, a unique operating system developed by Blackberry Research Team. All these platforms are better and unique in their own manner. Android developed by Google is considered to be one of the most user-friendly operating systems ever developed in the technological history. The operating system is loaded with robust apps, and it supports various features which include; Google Now, Hangout, Gmail, Google Calendar etc.

If you need multiple user log ins, then Android is the best choice. So, if you are the one who are looking for a family tablet, then do not hesitate to choose the one from android platform.

The case of iOS is entirely different. The tablet has 7,25,000 custom built apps and they are now considered to be the market leaders in the tablet arena. iOS tablets are more expensive than android, but the impressive quality and features make it worth the money.

If you are looking forward to replicating the Desktop usage experience in your tablet, then Windows tablet is the best one for you. People who have umpteen numbers of office works to do often prefer Windows tablets over others.

Always compare the features: This is one of the most crucial Tablet Selection Tips which you should follow while looking for an ideal device. You should always consider the features of devices like its RAM, ROM, Connectivity Features etc. If you wish to watch just movies from your tablet, then always look for better ROM which will provide you proper backup. In the case of using more apps, then make sure that your device has enough RAM to support it.

You should also compare the size and style of your tablet. Always look for sleek and elegant design, so that it will enhance your style quotient. It is always recommended to give equal preference to style and hardware quality so that it will last long.

Look for the price: It is always recommended to look at the price tag before selecting a tablet. Compare the features first, and select the best one which will meet your price range. Always remember one thing, do not compromise the quality of your product for the price.

Following the Tablet Selection Tips mentioned above will help you to select the best device for your needs, and you will not get disappointed in any manner.