It leaves the traditional supercars in the dust.


Most of the us thought that electric cars were a nice and an eco-friendly idea, however, who would have thought they could ever be fast enough to outpace a high-performance sportscar. Say hello to the new Tesla Roadster, prepare to backtrack significantly to this all-electric supercar that is spoiling for a fight with those petrol-powered rides. Tesla is now looking to set a new benchmark for the world’s fastest car with Tesla’s Roadster. Agera RS holds the current record for the fastest car which throws down at 447.24 km/h. The Roadster’s top speed is said to be above 402.34 km/h, however, the exact figure has yet to be confirmed. There’s plenty else to get excited about here for the meantime, the first production car to break the two-second mark at 0-60 in 1.9 seconds and a whooping 998 km range. Those statistics relate to the basic Roadster. There will be an option to increase the car’s brawn and brain along with the price (naturally) nearer to the 2020 release date. Price starts at $200,000.

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