• Wildly extreme 32-thread efficiency, for the same cost as Intel’s brand-new 20-thread Core X-Series CPU.


  • CPU is huge and will require a robust colder, especially when overclocking.
  • Complicated installment procedure compared to mainstream CPUs.
  • Completing Intel chips are better at lightly threaded jobs.


Doing image or video or 3D designs? If you are a professional working in a field where data-crunching capabilities are paramount and then your choices for a heavily-threaded, high-end CPUs are fairly limited in recent years. Basically, it has been Intel or bust. Offering a pro-oriented platform that delivers far better hang-for-buck compared to Intel’s equivalent Core 17s, AMD’s Ryzen has changed that; and Threadripper expanded that trend even further. At eye-watering prices, Intel still offers faster chips than this making the Threadripper a far more sensible choice.