By William Glover

In the computing world it is easy to not stop and think about the accessories that we are using in our day to day routines when utilizing our computers. Are we really being the most productive that we can be with the equipment we currently own? Or is there an opportunity to increase productivity and be a little more comfortable at the same time.

Most users right now are probably using some sort of wireless mouse for their daily activities, but there are still some that are using a wired mouse or worse yet a wired and ball mouse. If you are just doing typical office work like using a word processor and browsing the internet this classic setup can satisfy your needs, but wireless optical mouses are pretty cheap nowadays and the batteries last a long time before needing replacement, it might be a good idea to update that vintage mouse and acquire one that increases your productivity while satisfying your specific needs.

There are a number of reliable computer accessories suppliers on the internet: Amazon, NewEggCellular BarnMWave, and even on eBay.

We have gathered the following list with some of the best mouse types in the computing industry, check out each of the specifications to make sure these fit your needs:

Wireless Optical Mouse

If you still have an old wired ball mouse it might be a good a time to invest on a wireless optical mouse, there are wired versions of the optical mouse but spending a couple of more dollars will get you the wireless version, which in the long run will be a little more expensive because it uses batteries, but the comfort of the wireless version is worth it.

Check out the amazonbasics wireless mouse and the amazonbasics wired mouse in case you don’t want to spend on batteries.

Trackball Mouse

Some people would prefer to move only their fingers instead of having to move the whole arm to move the pointer on the screen. Trackball users enjoy greater comfort and less tiring of the arm due to the stationary design, if ergonomics is one of your priorities check out the Logitech M570 it is one of the most known and highest rated trackballs on the market today.



Gaming Mouse

If you’re looking for a comfortable mouse that has a high resolution look for a gaming mouse. The benefits of a gaming mouse is that they are ergonomically designed for long periods of use, while at the same time having more weight added to them so movements are more precise when gaming, add to this the higher DPI for increased resolution and you got yourself a winner mouse. In case you’re not a gamer you can try a gaming mouse and you will possibly like the feel of the added weight, some mouses just feel cheap and too light but a gaming mouse feels like a solid piece of gear.

A solid choice in the gaming category would be TeckNet Raptor Gaming Mouse really accessible at a good price.

There you have it, several choices for increased productivity, if you have a chance visit your local electronics store and feel the different mouses available for purchase, your preference might be different than these choices but these mouses are a good starting point to experiment.