Dash cameras offers added security for motorists especially during road mishaps that require proof for insurance covering. Having such a gadget will give you all the proof needed for such especially when you traverse the busiest streets in Australia.  Having a dedicated dash cam unit may prove impractical as you can now convert your smartphone into one.  Aside from your phone, you will need a car phone holder as well as a trusty android app to help you out.  Below are the 3 most common dash cam apps available today.


This android application is easy and intuitive to use.  I gives you a free 2 GB storage in cloud which is worth 3 hours of uninterrupted video.  It automatically uploads your recordings in cloud when an available WiFi or internet connection is nearby.  One thing to just be wary about this app is that it records sounds even when you turn it off, something that needs to be worked upon by the tech guys of the developers. Another thing is the occasional advertisements that pop out, it is rather non-distracting though so no need to worry about it, just a cost of free service. Despite that, this android app is perfect for beginners as all the elements of a dash cam are included in its recording such as the time, date, and the speed of the car.


AutoGuard is another smartphone app that allows you to turn your phone into a dash cam.  Coupled with a good car phone holder, you have an easy to use recorder with video, sound, location and vehicle speed on the screen.  The said app uploads the recordings directly to YouTube in the Pro-version.  It starts recording when a blue tooth or Wi-Fi connection becomes available.  Another unique feature of this application is its one button emergency call that allows you to call a pre-programed contact in case of emergencies on the road.  The said application is good for the use of the general public especially the Pro-version as it has no more pop up ads when it runs.


This is a good app for converting your smartphone into a dash camera.  It has an emergency call and SMS button feature that allows you to call or send and SOS to a contact.  Compared to the 2 previous apps discussed above, it is easier to use as it can be programed to start recording upon car movement and stop the recording when the car is stationary. That is added efficiency and more saved space for more recordings.  In addition, you can also set an over speeding warning in the app that warns you that you are way above your usual speed, which is an added security if you ask me.  The features of this app is a little better than that of the two we discussed and every bit of advantage is vital to add more value to your gadget.

Choosing a suitable android app for your phone and a great car phone holder are all that it takes to convert your phone into a dash cam.  Just bear in mind that these apps consume power when it runs, just like any recorders, so it is a good idea to hook you phones into a charger while running them.  If this article was helpful, please the hit like and share buttons below