In recent years, the advances in technology has been so fast that those that have been in vogue soon becomes obsolete in the span of just 6 months.  The world of computing has also seen such unprecedented growth in the last decade that processor speeds only seen in high end personal computers and laptops are already available in smartphones and are even better.  Recently, a new breakthrough was achieved in the field by way of UC Davis’ team that developed a 1000-core Processor also known as the Kilo Core Processor.  The said device was so revolutionary compared to its peers that can only come up to 300-core processors.  It is so top of the line that it promises so much potential in the near apparent future.

What makes the Kilo Core Exciting?


The said Kilo-Core Processor packs a whopping 1.78 gigahertz per second computing speed which is way over the capacity of normal laptops sold in the market nowadays.  It is made up of 621 million transistors that can process instructions separately from each other, thus making it easier or faster to process large chunks of information with the least amount of time. As the team leader, Professor Bevan Baas, of the project quipped, “it was perhaps the fastest processor design that was designed?.  Unlike most processors in the market nowadays that are made using a 14nm processor, this 1000-core processor was made using the older IBM CMOS technology 32nm which was rather unlikely.


The 1000-Core processor breaks down data into chunks and it gets processed in the multiple processors which are then compiled back when done.  These cores are able to communicate with another while processing the data which are then assembled as stated earlier.  These individual cores even have the capacity to shut down individually when not in use thus allowing it to be not just operationally efficient but also energy-wise as it can run on a mere AA battery as a power source.  That is so wicked won’t you agree? Tremendous computing speed and low energy requirement, which is so awesome if you ask me.  In addition to the chip’s computing power, the developing team has also created a compiling and auto-mapping programs to complement it.


The development of this innovative 1000 Core Processor has direct application in data coding and decoding.  This device can have a huge impact in work that involves huge amount of data to be processed such as that in the stock market or any other scientific endeavors.  It also has applications in video processing additionally.  Sadly, the current state of the system is not yet tenable for a more widespread commercial use as the day to day demands of regular computing does not require the huge power that this system has.


The huge potential of this project is set to revolutionize the computing world if not immediately perhaps decades from now.  However, the immediate usage of the system will only be limited for now until further advances in technology and commercial consumption are achieved especially those industries that need or process tremendous amounts of data.  Despite that, the future still looks brighter and promising.  Please click the like button as well as the share button below if this article made an impact to you in any way.  Further information can be seen in this link about the said Kilo Core Processor